We are friendly, professional, and prompt.



We know you want to look your best and we're happy you have entrusted us with your wardrobe. We promise to take good care of it.


Each item dropped off gets individual attention - we check for stains, choose the proper cleaning and pressing method to get the best results without harming the fabric, and give each garment a final inspection before it leaves our building.



Wash & Fold - We are here to wash, dry and fold your laundry. Whatever your circumstances, whether you are a hustling Mom of littles, passing through town on business, a businessman or businesswoman or simply don't like to do laundry - drop it off for us! We love doing laundry and we’re happy to help!

Shirt Laundering - we will professionally clean and press your shirts. We will keep your whites staying their whitest and make sure your colors stay bright. We send you home with crisp, clean, and pressed shirts - ready to wear!   



What precious memories you have from your special day! Jenison Cleaners offers several options for your wedding dress:

  • Clean only - if you would like to resell your dress.

  • Clean and Press - if you bought a secondhand dress and would like it if freshened up for your wedding day.

  • Dress Preservation - whether for sentimental reasons or future generations.

You don’t need to bring us your gown the day after your wedding, but it is best to get it to us within a month of your wedding.


Please call or stop in for pricing




You made an investment in quality leather purses and/or garments and you enjoy using and/or wearing them.


We send our fur/leather items to an offsite specialist to be cleaned using proper furrier/leather methods. This ensures quality cleaning, keeping them looking their best and lasting for years to come.



We offer offsite alterations on all types of items. Stop in or give us a call for an estimate.



Our laundromat has regular washers and dryers, as well as large-capacity units.


We keep our laundromat facilities and equipment clean and ready for you. If you just came back from vacation and have a boatload of laundry to do, bring it all in and get it done in one fell swoop!


Bring in your big quilts, blankets, or sleeping bags to clean - our equipment can handle it.